Timofei Ivanov

Born: 1729, St Petersburg
Died: 1803, St Petersburg

Medallist, draughtsman. Born in St Petersburg in the family of a coin maker at the St Petersburg Mint called Ivan Ivanov (1729). Worked as an apprentice at the St Petersburg Mint (from 1745), where he trained under Scottish master Benjamin Scott junior (from 1751). Attended drawing classes at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1757–62). Designed over one hundred medals at the St Petersburg Mint (1762–1801), celebrating important events during the reigns of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. Awarded the ranks of collegiate registrar (1780), provincial secretary (1791), titular councillor (1795). Father of Alexander Ivanov (born 1774), who later worked as master of the Nizhny Novgorod Mint (from 1798) and St Petersburg Mint (from 1801).

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