Ivan Alexeyevich Ivanov

Born: 1779, Moscow
Died: 1848, St Petersburg

Architect, draughtsman, painter, engraver, illustrator, caricaturist, teacher. Born in the family of architect Alexei Ivanov in Moscow (1779). Studied architecture at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1789–98). Collaborated with Nikolai Lvov in Moscow (late 1790s–early 1800s). Invited by Alexei Olenin to work at the Imperial Academy of Arts and the Imperial Public Library (1810s). Honorary librarian (1813). Taught perspective painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1817–40), head of the perspective class (from 1820). Academician of perspective painting (1830). Designed the grand staircase of the Imperial Academy of Arts, Alexei Olenin’s house in Priyutino and a park in Moscow. Illustrated the works of Alexander Pushkin (1820), Gavrila Derzhavin, Vasily Zhukovsky and Ivan Krylov. Designed the frontispieces for all the Polar Star almanacs (1822–25). Helped Adam Menelaws to build park structures and bridges in Tsarskoe Selo and Alexandria (late 1820s–early 1830s). Died in St Petersburg (1848).

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