Jacobus Houbraken

Born: 1698, Dordrecht (Holland)
Died: 1780, Amsterdam
Dutch Rossica

Dutch engraver, collector. Son of the Dutch painter and art historian Arnold Houbraken (1660–1719). Born in Dordrecht (1698) and moved with his family to Amsterdam (1710). Studied engraving under his father and copied prints by Cornelis Cort, Jonas Suyderhoef and Cornelis Visscher. Engraved over four hundred portraits after original paintings, including a portrait of Peter the Great after an original by Carel de Moor and his wife Catherine after an original by Jean-Marc Nattier for the Russian ambassador to Holland (1717–18). Engraved portraits for Arnold Houbraken’s De Groote Schouburgh der Nederlantsche konstschilders en schilderessen (1718–21) and Jan van Gool’s Nieuwe schouburg der Nederlantsche kunstschilders (1750–51). Married Christina Schaak (1733) and had five children (1734–43). Collaborated with Thomas Birch and George Vertue on Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain (1743–52) and with Jan Wagenaar on Vaderlandsche historie (1752–59). Engraved scenes from David Lingelbach’s comedy De Ontdekte Schijndeugd after Cornelis Troost (1778). Died in Amsterdam and buried at the Nieuwezijds Kapel (1780).

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