Jean-Laurent Mosnier

Born: 1743 or 1744, Paris
Died: 1808, St Petersburg

Painter. Studied miniature painting at the Académie de Saint-Luc in Paris (1766–73). Painter to Queen Marie Antoinette (1776), member of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture (1788). Fled to London during the French Revolution (1790), where he painted portraits of the Marquise de Grécourt (1790), Sir John Carrington (1791) and Admiral Lord George Rodney (1791). Moved to Hamburg after the passing of the Aliens Act (1796). Lived and worked in Germany, painting portraits of writer August Lafontaine and Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (1796–1800). Invited by Count Alexander Stroganov to St Petersburg (1801), where he painted portraits of Tsar Alexander I, Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna, Princess Tatyana Yussupova and members of the Stroganov family (1801–08). Academician (1802), professor and board member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1806). Headed the portrait class at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1806–08). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Paris Salon (1786–89) and the Royal Academy of Arts in London (1791–96).

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