Andreas Römpler

Andreas Römpler (c. 1765–1829), Saxon jeweller. Father-in-law of Carl Edvard Bolin. Opened a workshop in St Petersburg, where he was appointed court jeweller to Paul I and Alexander I and appraiser of the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.
Born: mid-18th century, Saxony
Died: 1829, St Petersburg

German jeweller. Born in the family of Gregor Römpler in Saxony (mid-18th century). Moved to St Petersburg (1790), where he worked as a diamond trader and jeweller (1791–96). Married Anna Schell, daughter of a German tailor called Asmus Schell (1792). Inherited his father-in-law’s house at 44 Bolshaya Morskaya Street (1793). Admitted into the guild of foreign masters (1793) and opened his own business (1796). Acquired the mansion of his mother-in-law Agrafena Schell next to the Blue Bridge on the River Moika (1797). Court jeweller to Paul I and Alexander I (1797–1823). Merchant of the third guild (1802–07). Awarded Russian citizenship along with his wife and elder daughters Sophie and Luise (1809). Appointed appraiser of the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty (1823). Died in St Petersburg and buried at the Volkovo Lutheran Cemetery in St Petersburg (1829), where his work was continued by his widow and sons-in-law Gottlieb Ernst Jahn and Carl Edvard Bolin.

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