Vasily Pereplyotchikov

Born: 1863, Moscow
Died: 1918, Moscow

Painter, writer, teacher. Born in the family of Vasily Pereplyotchikov in Moscow (1863). Attended Alexander Kiselyov’s studio in Moscow (1881–82) and studied under Vasily Polenov at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1882–84). Taught at Anatoly Gunst’s Classes of the Fine Arts in Moscow (1889–91). Painted Impressionist landscapes of the region outside Moscow and north European Russia (from late 1890s), worked in a Pointillist style under the influence of Igor Grabar (1904). Member of the World of Art (1900), founding member of the Union of Russian Artists (1903). Died in Moscow (1918). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1880). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of the Arts (1884–1900, 1908), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1893, 1895, 1899), Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1893–1901), Imperial Society of Russian Watercolour Painters (1894–97), Exhibition of Russian and Finnish Artists (1898), World of Art (1899–1903), 36 Artists (1901, 1902), Union of Russian Artists (1903–17), Pan-Russian Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (1896) and the International Exhibitions in Munich (1896, 1898).

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