Theodore (Fyodor) Kamensky

Born: 1836, Lesnoe (St Petersburg Province)
Died: 1913, Clearwater (USA)
Émigré Art

Sculptor, farmer. Born in the family of Major General Fyodor Kamensky in the village of Lesnoe near St Petersburg (1836). Studied under Ivan Vitali, Nikolai Pimenov, Baron Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg and Fidelio Bruni at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1852–60). Awarded a minor gold medal (1859) and a major gold medal and the title of first-class artist (1860). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Italy (1863–69), where he carved Young Sculptor from marble (1866). Academician (1868). Awarded a three-year fellowship in Italy (1870). Lived in Florence (1870–73) and emigrated to Kansas in the United States (1873), where he worked as a farmer and sculptor (1873–83). Settled in the town of Clearwater in Florida (1883). Designed sculptural groups and served as the Russian commissioner of fine arts at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893). Died in Clearwater and buried in Clearwater Municipal Cemetery at 1300 South Myrtle Avenue (1913). Contributed to exhibitions, including the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1870), Weltausstellung in Vienna (1873), World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893) and Twosome at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2002–03).

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