Alexander Terebenyov

Born: 1812, St Petersburg
Died: 1859, St Petersburg

Sculptor, restorer. Grandson of wooden sculptor Ivan Terebenyov, son of Ivan Terebenyov, nephew of Mikhail Terebenyov. Studied under Vasily Demut-Malinovsky at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1824–36). Awarded two major silver medals (1835) and a minor gold medal and the title of fourteenth-class artist (1836). Married Eudokia Yegorova, daughter of Alexei Yegorov (1836). Designed sculptures decorating public buildings in St Petersburg (1836–42) and helped to restore the Winter Palace after a fire (1838–41). Sculpted a posthumous statuette of Alexander Pushkin (1837) and a bust of Vasily Karatygin for his tombstone at the Smolensk Cemetery (1853–54). Worked as a restorer at a museum in Kerch (1842–44). Sculpted ten granite atlantes for the portico of the New Hermitage (1844–49). Academician (1845). Worked at the Imperial Hermitage (from 1850), but was later sacked without a pension. Suffered acute poverty and delirium tremens as a result of his excessive lifestyle (1850s). Caught black pox (1858), which he passed to his wife, causing her death (1858). Caught pneumonia and died at the Obukhovo Hospital in St Petersburg (1859).

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