Pyotr Gruzinsky

Born: 1835, Kursk
Died: 1892, St Petersburg

Painter, graphic artist. Belonged to the Mukhrani-Gruzinsky branch of the Bagration dynasty, which ruled Georgia until its annexation by Russia (1800). Studied under Bogdan Gottfried Willewalde at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1851–63). Awarded a minor gold medal (1860) and major gold medal (1862). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Germany, Italy and France (1863–72), living mostly in Paris. Travelled across the Caucasus, drawing life scenes and studying local types (1865). Academician of battle-painting (1872). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1853). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1853–92), Society of Exhibitions of Works of Art (1876), Pan-Russian Exhibition of Art and Industry in Moscow (1882) and the international exhibitions in London (1872), Vienna (1873) and Philadelphia (1876).

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