Alexander Bogomazov

Born: 1880, Jampole (Kharkiv Province)
Died: 1930, Kiev

Painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, art theorist. Studied at the Kiev School of Art (1902–05) and the studios of Sergei Svetoslavsky in Kiev (1905–06) and Fyodor Roehrberg and Konstantin Juon in Moscow (1907–08). Worked in Kiev, where he founded the Link group of Cubo-Futurists with Alexandra Exter (1914). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1907). Contributed to the exhibitions of Link (1908), Ring (1914), Trade Union of Artists (1918), Fellowship of Ukrainian Plastic Artists (1918) and the Association of Revolutionary Art of the Ukraine (1925–27). Published a theoretical work called Painting and Elements. Delegate at the first Pan-Ukrainian Congress of Artists (1918). Taught at the Kiev Institute of Art (1922–30). Died in Kiev and buried at Lukianov Cemetery (1930).

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