Nadezhda Lyubavina

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, teacher. Born in the family of Ivan Lyubavin. Illustrated Elena Guro’s The Barrel Organ (1909). Member of the Union of Youth (1910–14). Described as “young, fresh and worth working with” in a letter from Pavel Filonov to Mikhail Matiushin (1914). Kept a studio at 58 Basseinaya (now Nekrasov) Street in Petrograd, where Maxim Gorky met Vladimir Mayakovsky (1915). Founding member of Green Bird (1915–17), member of Art and Revolution (1917), To the Revolution (1917), Freedom of Art (1917) and the Free Studio (1917). Lived at 14 Malaya Posadskaya Street in Petrograd (1917). Worked alongside Nina Kogan for the signboard subsection of the planned Museum of Petrograd (1917–18) and under Vera Yermolaeva for the Today cooperative of artists and writers (1918–19). Invited by Marc Chagall to teach at the Vitebsk School of Art (1919–20). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1910). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Union of Youth (1910–14) and Exhibition of Modern Painting and Drawing in Petrograd (1918).

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