Robert Genin

Born: 1884, Vysokoe (Mohilev Province)
Died: 1943, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Born in Vysokoe in Mohilev Province in the family of Lev Genin (1884). Studied at the Odessa School of Art (1898–1902), Anton Ažbè’s school in Munich (from 1902) and the Académie Rodolphe Julian in Paris (1904–06). Travelled across France and Italy, visited Egypt. Founding member of the Neue Sezession in Munich (1914). Member of Sema in Munich. Designed frescos for the facades of public and private buildings in Berlin, Berne and Ascona (1920s–30s). Returned to the Soviet Union (1936). Taught fresco painting in Mstiora (1937). Committed suicide in Moscow (1943). Contributed to the Salon d’Automne (1907), Salon des Tuileries (1918–28), Exhibition of Russian Art in Hanover (1921), International Exhibition in Düsseldorf (1922), Berlin Sezession and one-man shows at the Galerie Thannhauser in Munich (1913, 1919), Galerie Flechtheim in Berlin (1922, 1923), Galerie Modern in Berlin (1927) and museums in Basle (1922), Cologne (1928), Paris (1932) and Amsterdam (1933).

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