Jacques Chapchal

Born: 1880, St Petersburg
Died: 1947, The Hague

Painter. Born as Yakov Shapshal in the family of Fyodor Shapshal in St Petersburg (1880). Studied at studios in St Petersburg and Paris (1900s). Member of the Societe des Beaux-Artes Nationale, Salon d’Automne (1910s, secretary), Salon des Independants (from 1910). Member of the Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1916) and the council of the Trade Union of Artists and Painters in Moscow (1917). Helped to design an agricultural exhibition in Moscow (1923). Emigrated to Holland (1924). Died in The Hague (1947). Contributed to exhibitions (from late 1900s). Contributed to the Salon de la Nationale, Salon d’Automne and Salon des Indépendants in Paris (from late 1900s), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1910–12, 1915–24), World of Art (1916), First Exhibition of Pictures of the Trade Union of Artists in Moscow (1918) and IV State Exhibition of Pictures (1919).

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