Vyacheslav Kalinin

Born: 1939, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Vasily Kalinin in Moscow (1939). Graduated from the Abramtsevo School of Art in Khotkovo (1962) and the Victor Vasnetsov School of Art and Industry in Abramtsevo (1963). Continued the traditions of Russian Primitive painting in the “base” subjects, grotesque images and local tones of his early works (early 1960s). Held an exhibition of art with Eric Bulatov at the Kurchatov Institute of Nuclear Physics in Moscow, which was closed down by the authorities a few hours after it opened (1965). Depicted rural images and drinking scenes throughout his entire career. Later ironically employed such devices of the old masters as glazing and numerous staffage details. Linked to Fantastic Irrealism and Expressionism by art critics, although considered himself a follower of the Moscow Realist school. Lives in Russia and the United States. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1962) and abroad (from 1967), including Times of Change: Art in the Soviet Union (1960–85) at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2006).

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