Richard Vasmi

Born: 1929, Leningrad
Died: 1998, St Petersburg

Painter, graphic artist, designer. Born in Leningrad in the family of an Estonian architect called Rudolf Vasmi and his Finnish wife (1929). Influenced by Nikolai Lapshin (until 1942). Studied at Leningrad Technical College of Architecture and Construction, but did not defend his diploma (1946–50). Met Alexander Arefiev and joined his group of artists (1947). Worked as a colourist in a cardboard factory, headscarf painter, glue boiler, stoker and laboratory assistant at the Botanical Institute. Created first independent works (1953). Member of Aleph (1976). Died in St Petersburg (1998). Contributed to unofficial (from 1958) and official (from 1965) exhibitions, including an exhibition of the Aleph group of Jewish artists from Leningrad at the apartment of Yevgeny Abeshaus (1976).

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