Igor Sacharow-Ross

Born: 1947, Khabarovsk

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, photographer, video artist, installation artist, performance artist, actionist. Born in the family of Mikhail Zakharov-Ross, who had been exiled to Khabarovsk in the Far East (1947). Studied at the Khabarovsk Institute of Artistic Pedagogy (1964–70). Interested in music. Moved to Leningrad (1970). Taught at a children’s school of art in Strelna. Met Anna Leporskaya, Yevdokia Glebova and George Costakis (early 1970s). Active member of the nonconformist movement. Created the System of Coordinates assemblage. Interrogated by the KGB and pressurised to emigrate (mid-1970s). Held the Run-In happening in woods near Gatchina, symbolising forced emigration and existentialist aspects of emigration (1977). Stripped of Soviet citizenship and emigrated to Vienna (1978). Granted permanent residence in Munich (1979). Addressed the theme of leaves, interested in histology, created video and sound installations (1985). Employed yagya rituals (1986). Created the Tribute to Blood installation following the massacre in Tiananmen Square in Beijing (1989). Visited Moscow and St Petersburg (1992). Lives and works in a studio in the district of Ostheim in Cologne. Contributed to exhibitions, including the nonconformist exhibitions at the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture (1974), Nevsky Palace of Culture (1975), Times of Change: Art in the Soviet Union (1960–85) at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2006) and one-man shows at the Tretyakov Gallery and Russian Museum (1993).

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