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Yevdokia Glebova

Yevdokia Glebova
Born: 1888, Moscow
Died: 1980, Leningrad

Yevdokia Glebova was a professional singer, voice coach and the younger sister of Pavel Filonov. She married Nikolai Glebov-Putilovsky (1919), a member of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (from 1901) whose revolutionary nickname was “Stepan the Dove” (1883–1948). Yevdokia worked as a concert singer (1929–39) and as a vocal coach at the Vyborg District House of Culture (1939–41, 1945–60) and the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture in Leningrad (1949–60). She died in Leningrad and was buried at the St Seraphim Cemetery (1980).

After the death of Pavel Filonov and his wife Ekaterina in the Siege of Leningrad, Yevdokia Glebova was evacuated from the blockaded city. Before leaving in 1942, she transferred all her brother’s works to the Russian Museum for temporary storage. On her return to Leningrad after the war, she took the works back and stored them at her home until 1960, when she again entrusted them to the Russian Museum. In 1977, three years before she died, Yevdokia Glebova officially donated three hundred paintings and drawings to the Russian Museum, including Portrait of Yevdokia Glebova, followed sometime later by fifteen other works.

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