Sergei Shablavin

Born: 1944, Kirsanov (Tambov Region)

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, object artist, installation artist. Born in the family of Pyotr Shablavin, who had been evacuated to the town of Kirsanov in Tambov Province (1944). As a child began to show an early interest in art, partially under the influence of his parents. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics (1967), post-graduate student (1971–74). Took private drawing and painting lessons (1968–70). Introduced to Eric Bulatov and the other artists of the Sretenka group, including Ilya Kabakov and Oleg Vasilyev (1967–68). Turned to figurative painting under the influence of the Lianozovo artists. Took up conceptual art and painted his first series – Geometric Composition with a Circle – uniting elements of Post-Constructivism, Figurative Op Art, Conceptualism and Post-Modernism (early 1970s). Graduated from the People’s University of the Arts (1981). Lives and works in Moscow and Cologne. Contributed to exhibitions (from 1967), including the Turin and Venice Biennales (1977), projects and exhibitions of the Kenda and Jacob Bar-Gera collection in Russia and Europe (1995–2000) and Poésie de l’eau dans l’Art Russe at the Palais Lumière in Evian (2007).

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