Leonid Sokov

Born: 1941, Mikhalevo (Kalinin Region)

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist, object artist. Born in the family of Pyotr Sokov in Mikhalevo in Kalinin Region (1941). Studied under V. I. Kerensky at the Moscow Secondary School of Art (1955–61) and under Saul Rabinovich, Gavriil Schultz and Vladimir Derunov at the department of architecture and decorative plastics of the Moscow School of Art and Industry (1964–69). Member of the Union of Artists (1972–79). Lived and worked in Moscow (until 1979). Emigrated to the United States (1979). Lives and works in New York (from 1980). Represented Russia at the 49th Venice Biennale (2001). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1972), including twelve one-man shows.

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