Vitaly Komar

Born: 1943, Moscow

Painter, sculptor, object artist, installation artist. Born in the family of Anatoly Komar in Moscow (1943). Met Alexander Melamid when drawing at the morgue in the Institute of Physical Culture (1965). First Conceptual work created for a performance lecture on the history of Russian art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts/Stroganov School of Art and Industry in Moscow (1965). Graduated from the Moscow School of Art and Industry (1967). Collaborated with Alexander Melamid (1972–2003). Founder of Sots Art (1972). Expelled from the Union of Artists following the bulldozer exhibition (1974). First exhibition in New York at the Ronald Feldman Gallery enjoyed great success (1976). Emigrated to Israel (1977) and New York (1978). First performance in Jerusalem (1979). Lives and works in New York (from 1978). Contributed to the 47th Venice Biennale (1997). Represented Russia at the 48th Venice Biennale (1999).

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