Nikolai Lozovoi

Born: 1901, Alexandrov (Ekaterinoslav Province)
Died: 1992, Sukhumi
Analytical Art

Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Enrolled at Novorossiisk Grammar school (1913), but was drafted into the White Army during the Russian Civil War (1919). Deserted and graduated from school (1920), but was subsequently drafted into the Red Army (1920–21). Moved to Petrograd (1922), where he attended the private studio of Alexander Savinov (1924) and studied under Dmitry Mitrokhin, Elizaveta Kruglikova, Pavel Shillingovsky, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Alexei Karev, Victor Zamirailo and Paul Mansouroff at the VKhUTEIN (1926–27). Worked under Kazimir Malevich at the Institute of the History of Arts (1927). Expelled from the Academy of Arts for joining the Masters of Analytical Art (1927). Left Pavel Filonov for Malevich (1928–30). Exiled to the village of Derbetovka in Stavropole Region (1930), where he founded a travelling theatre and studied at the Stavropole Pedagogical Institute (1930s). Fought on the Southern Front during the Second World War (1942). Settled in Sukhumi in Abkhazia (1943), where he taught the Russian language and married (1948). Killed during fighting between Georgia and Abkhazia (1992). Contributed to exhibitions and a one-man show in Moscow (2007).

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