Yury Khrzhanovsky

Born: 1905, Kazan
Died: 1987, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, actor. Studied drawing and painting under Ivan Kopylov at the Irkutsk School of Art. Moved to Petrograd (1922), where he enrolled at the preparatory class of the Academy of Arts. Studied under Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin at the Academy of Arts (from 1923) and under Kazimir Malevich at the Institute of Artistic Culture (1925). Joined the Masters of Analytical Art (1926). Worked as an actor at the Leningrad Theatre of Miniatures (from 1930) and the Moscow Music Hall (from 1939). Provided the voiceovers for over thirty cartoons and features films (1946–78). Returned to painting (early 1960s), working in an Abstract Expressionist style combining the principles of Pavel Filonov and Paul Klee (1970s). Contributed to exhibitions, including Masters of Analytical Art: The Filonov School at the House of Printing in Leningrad (1927) and exhibitions of amateur artists (1960s).

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