Alexander Kislyakov

Born: 1954, Millerovo (Rostov Region)

Alexander Kislyakov was born on 12 February 1954 in Millerovo, a city in Rostov Region. In 1978, he enrolled at the decorative design department of the Mitrofan Grekov School of Art in Rostov and studied at Yury Fesenko’s studio. At the school, he became acquainted with Avdei Ter-OganianNikolai Konstantinov, Yury Shabelnikov and Vasily Slepchenko. As a student, Kislyakov displayed a vivid interest in modernist art. He participated in the exhibitions of Art or Death. Later, he and Yury Shabelnikov collaborated on the exhibition Two Offerings: Bitter and Sweet (Reichstag Cake) and on an installation at the Heroic Exhibition. He designs, shapes and constructs Conceptual objects. Alexander Kislyakov lives and works in Rostov and Taganrog.

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