Yevgeny Voishvillo

Yevgeny Voishvillo (1907–1993), Russian graphic artist, painter, illustrator, poster and book designer. Studied at the Technical College of Art and Industry of the Academy of Arts in Leningrad and at Gatchina Flying School. Published drawings in newspapers, designed wartime posters and illustrated naval books.
Born: 1907, Libava (Courland)
Died: 1993, St Petersburg

Graphic artist, painter, illustrator, poster and book designer. Born in the Latvian port of Libava (now Liep?ja) in the family of naval engineer and amateur artist Valerian Voishvillo (1907). Moved with his family to the north German town of Blankenese on the River Elbe (1913), where his father was inspecting the construction of Russian warships at the nearby Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg (1913–14). Graduated from secondary school in Leningrad (1925) and worked as a handyman at the Svetlana Factory (1925–26) and an assembly worker at the Volodarsky Factory (1926–27). Studied at the Technical College of Art and Industry of the Academy of Arts in Leningrad (1927–28). Graduated from Gatchina Flying School and joined the First Aviation Brigade and Assault Squadron as a junior aircraft technician (1928–30), but forced to resign following the arrest of his father (1930). Worked as a mechanic at the Red Triangle Plant in Leningrad, where he illustrated the factory newspaper (from 1930). Published drawings in magazines and journals while working at the Baltic Shipyard and Nord Press Factory (1930–40). Designed the logo of the For the Soviet Motherland frontline newspaper (1941). Fought in the Kronstadt coastal defence brigade and the naval infantry during the Second World War (1941–44). Drew propaganda posters and illustrated newspapers in Tallinn (1944–45). Worked as a senior draughtsman under Rear Admiral Yevgeny Schwede at the department of naval geography of the Kliment Voroshilov (now Nikolai Kuznetsov) Naval Academy in Leningrad (1945–48). Collaborated with Lenizo (from 1948) and illustrated over a hundred books and articles on naval themes (1950s–60s). Worked with Andrei Larionov on the drawing of blueprints for the reconstruction of the “little boat” of Peter the Great (1974–75). Member of the Union of Artists (1970s–80s). Died in St Petersburg (1993). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1930), including Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1999–2000) and one-man shows on board the Icebreaker Krasin in St Petersburg (2009) and the Krusenstern in Spain, Bermuda, United States, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba (2009–10).

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