Georgy Petrusov

Born: 1903, Rostov-on-Don
Died: 1971, Moscow

Photographer, journalist. Born in the family of Grigory Petrusov in Rostov-on-Don (1903). Interested in photography from the age of fourteen (1917). Graduated from grammar school (1920) and worked as a bookkeeper at the Rostov branch of Prombank. Moved to Moscow (1924), where he worked as a photo correspondent for magazines. Worked for Pravda at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgic Combine (1928–30). Developed the method of “long photo observation.” Photo correspondent of USSR in Construction (1930–41). Awarded a car by the People’s Commissar of Heavy Industry for his reports on Magnitostroi and the Gorky Car Factory. Photo correspondent of the Soviet Information Bureau and Izvestiya (1941–45). Photographed Berlin (April 1945) and published the Berlin 1945 album of photographs. Worked for Iskusstvo Publishers (1945–55). Worked for the Soviet Information Bureau (1955). Collaborated with Soviet Life, published by the Novosti Agency in the United States (1957–71). Visited Berlin (1969) and published the Two Meetings with Berlin album of photographs. Died in Moscow (1971). Contributed to exhibitions and numerous albums of photographs.

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