Pyotr Buchkin

Born: 1886, Sofronovo (Tver Province)
Died: 1965, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Father of Dmitry Buchkin. Born in the family of Dmitry Buchkin in the village of Sofronovo in Tver Province (1886). Studied under Nikolai Koshelev and Vasily Savinsky at the Baron Stieglitz Central School of Technical Drawing in St Petersburg (1899–1904) and under Johann Wilhelm Mathé, François Rouband and Pavel Chistyakov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1904–12). Member of the Imperial Society of Russian Watercolourists (1907–18), Arkhip Kuinji Society (1914–28), Fellowship of Artists (1917–22), Community of Artists (1921–28) and the Union of Artists (1932). Depicted everyday life in the Soviet Union (1930s) and during the Siege of Leningrad (1941–44). Taught at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad (1936–40) and the Leningrad School of Art and Industry (1947–65). Professor (1953). Died in Leningrad and buried at the Cemetery of St John the Theologian (1965). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1907), including St Petersburg: A Portrait of the City and its Citizens at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2003).

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