Alexei Afanasiev

Born: 1850, St Petersburg
Died: after 1920

Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, teacher. Born in the family of Fyodor Afanasiev in St Petersburg (1850). Extern student of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1872–80). Taught at the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1887–1905), director of the Penza School of Art (1905–09). Collaborated with various magazines. Illustrated Pyotr Yershov’s The Little Humpbacked Horse and Alexander Pushkin’s The Tale of Tsar Saltan and The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish. Member of the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1918). Died in an unknown location (after 1920). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (from 1889), Fellowship of Independents (1911–16) and a one-man show at the editorial office of Chout.

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