Alexei Yasinsky

Born: 1874, Moscow
Died: 1943, Moscow

Painter. Born in the family of Alexei Yasinsky in Moscow (1874). Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts and in studios in Munich (1890s) and the Königliche Akademie der Künste in Munich (1900–03). Passed through periods of Art Nouveau (1890s–first half of 1900s), Impressionism (second half of 1900s) and Neoclassicism (1910s). Member of the Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1905) and the Union of Russian Artists (1918). Died in Moscow (1943). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1902). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of Arts (1902, 1903), Imperial Academy of Arts (1904), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1903–18), Exhibitions of Pictures and Artistic Industry (1906), Wreath (1908), New Society of Artists (1910), Union of Russian Artists (1910–22), Moscow Salon (1911), Moscow Artists for War Refugees (1914), Free Creativity (1915), II and IV State Free Exhibitions of Works of Art (1919), Esposizione Internazionale in Rome (1911) and the Exhibition of Russian Art in New York (1924).

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