Alexander Väkevä (Wäkevä)

Alexander Väkevä or Wäkevä (1870–1957), Finnish Neoclassical jeweller, silversmith. Son of Stefan Väkevä, younger brother of Konstantin Väkevä. Hallmark: A.W. Made silverware for Fabergé in his father's workshop in St Petersburg.
Born: 1870, St Petersburg
Died: 1957

Finnish jeweller, silversmith. Younger brother of Konstantin Väkevä. Hallmark: A.W. Born in the family of Stefan Väkevä in St Petersburg (1870). Studied under his father (1880s) and qualified as a silversmith (early 1890s). Worked in his father’s workshop (1890s–1900s), where he made silverware for Carl Fabergé. Inherited his father’s workshop (1910) and continued its work after his death (1910–17). Died in emigration (1957). Contributed to exhibitions, including Fabergén aika at the Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere (2006).

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