Misha Most

Born: 1981, Moscow

Misha Most was born in Moscow in 1981 and took up graffiti art in 1997. In many ways, the paradigm of the worldview expressed by the artist in the phrases “consume, work, kick the bucket” (to quote one of his pieces of graffiti) and No Future Forever echoes the writings of Italian philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi, who claims that we are currently living in an age of hyper-exploitation and a continuing decline in living and working conditions – and that the only way out of the situation may be an acceptance of fatigue and a transition to a more passive regime. “We need to understand and accept fatigue as a new paradigm of social life. The driving force of the coming European insurrection will be not energy, but a slowdown, rejection and fatigue. If we come to a creative comprehension of fatigue, the current depression may result in the start of a mass rejection of competition, consumerism and the subordination of labour.” Misha Most thinks globally: the main images of the series are flying saucers, spaceships and the spheres of planets. But the world is collapsing and the planet of capitalism has no future.

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