Russia Cinema Moscow in October (1927)

Moscow in October (1927)

Directed by Boris Barnet; script by Oleg Leonidov; production design by Alexander Rodchenko.

This film by Boris Barnet (1902–1965) commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and features such Communists as Stalin, Rykov and Bukharin.

Word of the overthrow of the Provisional Government in Petrograd reaches the workers of Moscow, who look to the Bolshevik Party for leadership. Counter-revolutionary cadets surround the Kremlin, where forces loyal to the Communists are stationed. While street fighting breaks out across Moscow, the garrison officer opens the Kremlin gates to the cadets. Red units dash to the city centre and, supported by artillery, retake the Kremlin. The film has survived in its entirety.

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