Russia St Petersburg Architecture Cathedral St Peter and St Paul Cathedral

St Peter and St Paul Cathedral

Built by Domenico Trezzini (1712–33) on the site of a wooden church of the same name (1703–04). Central seat of the Russian Orthodox Church in the city (until 1859). Three-tier bell-tower (height 122.5 metres), crowned with a golden spire with the figure of a flying angel, is one of the highest points and main symbols of St Petersburg. Restored after a fire (1756–57). Chiming clock by Dutch master Baren Oort Krass mounted on the bell-tower (1776). Wooden constructions of the spire were replaced with metal ones by architect Konstantin Thon and engineer Dmitry Zhuravsky (1857–58). Burial place of Russian emperors from Peter the Great to Tsar Alexander III, grand dukes and grand duchesses. Closed (1919) and turned into a museum (1924). Awarded to the Museum of the History of St Petersburg (1954). Remains of Tsar Nicholas II and members of his family and entourage (not recognised by the Russian Orthodox Church) were buried in the St Catherine Side-Chapel (1998). Empress Maria Fyodorovna, widow of Tsar Alexander III who died in Denmark (1928), was reburied in the cathedral (2006).

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