Alexei Polozov

Alexei Polozov (18th century), Russian Rococo jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: А•ВП in a heart-shaped shield. Lived in Moscow, where he worked on imperial commissions.
Born: first half of 18th century
Died: after 1768

Jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: ?•?? in a heart. Born in the family of Vasily Polozov (first half of 18th century). Owned a house on Malye Kamenschiki Street in Moscow (1753), where he was a member of a guild of silversmiths (1750s). Made silverware in the Rococo style and worked on imperial commissions (1760s), including a set of silver plates for the coronation of Catherine the Great (1762), which were later nailed to a wall in the Winter Palace. Died in an unknown location (after 1768). Contributed to exhibitions, including Il Tesoro del Cremlino at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence (2011).

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