Russia Literature Folk Tale The Cockerel and The Hen

The Cockerel and The Hen

The cockerel and the hen were pecking grains of corn when the cockerel began to feel faint. It sent the hen to the river for some water. The river asked for a leaf in exchange for some water, so the hen ran to the tree and asked it for a leaf. The tree said it needed threads, so the hen asked a girl for some threads. The girl sent the hen for a comb. The combmaker asked for a loaf of bread in exchange for a comb, the bakers asked for milk, and the cow asked for some hay. The harvesters asked the hen for some coal, and the miners asked for some firewood. The hen got firewood from the woodcutters, and exchanged the firewood for some coal. It took the coal to the harvesters and received hay in return. It exchanged the hay for milk, the milk for a loaf of bread, the bread for a comb, the comb for thread, and the thread for a leaf. The hen took the leaf to the river, was given some water, took it home to the cockerel, gave the cockerel a drink, and the cockerel at once felt better.

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