Vera Khlebnikova

Born: 1891, Tundutovo (Astrakhan Province)
Died: 1941, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist. Younger sister of Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885–1922), wife of Pyotr Miturich, mother of May Miturich-Khlebnikov. Born in the family of Vladimir Khlebnikov (1857–1935) and Ekaterina Verbitskaya (1849–1936) in the village of Tundutovo in Astrakhan Province (1891). Studied under Pavel Benkov at the Kazan School of Art (1905–08), Kiev School of Art (1908–10), Konstantin Juon and Ivan Dudin School of Painting and Drawing in Moscow (1910), Jan Ciagli?skj’s studio in St Petersburg (1910–12), under Kees van Dongen at the Académie Vitti in Paris (1912–13) and at private academies in Florence (1913–16). Worked in an Impressionist style (late 1900s–early 1910s) and painted Symbolist compositions and Pointillist landscapes in Florence (1913–16). Returned via Great Britain to Russia (1916). Lived and worked in Astrakhan (1916–24). Moved to Moscow using money given to her by Nina Kogan and married Pyotr Miturich (1924). Abandoned painting (until 1936), when she returned to an Impressionist style influenced by Fauvism (late 1930s). Died in Moscow and buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery (1941). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1919). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Community of Artists in Astrakhan (1919), Unification at the History Museum in Moscow (1925), Impressionism in Russia at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2000), Collage in Russia: XX Century at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2005–06) and a posthumous one-woman show at the Astrakhan Picture Gallery in Astrakhan (1977).

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