Ottomar Elliger III

Born: 1703, Amsterdam
Died: 1735, St Petersburg
Dutch Rossica

Dutch engraver, draughtsman, teacher. Grandson of Flemish painter Ottomar Elliger I (1633–1679) and son of German history painter and engraver Ottomar Elliger II (1666–1735). Born in Amsterdam (1703). Invited to Russia by Dutch merchant and Russian envoy Christoffel van Brants (1726). Arrived in St Petersburg (1727), where he worked for the Department of Gardening (1727) and the palace of engraving of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1728–35). Taught drawing and engraving (from 1728), etched views of St Petersburg (1729) and illustrated the coronation album of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1731). Headed the palace of engraving (1731–35). Died in St Petersburg (1735).

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