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Johann Gottfried Tannauer (Dannhauer?)

Born: 1680, Saxony (?)
Died: 1733 or 1737, St Petersburg

German painter, draughtsman, teacher. Born in the family of a clock-maker probably in Saxony (1680). Originally studied watchmaking in Swabia (1890s). Moved to Venice (1700), where he studied music (early 1700s) and painting under Sebastiano Bombelli (mid-1700s). Lived in Holland and copied the works of Sir Peter Paul Rubens (late 1700s). Invited to Russia by Peter the Great (1710). Arrived in Smolensk (1711) and accompanied Peter the Great on his Pruth Campaign against the Ottoman Empire (1711). Settled in St Petersburg (1711), where he worked as court painter (1711–25). Painted portraits, history pictures and miniatures, made ink drawings, taught Russian artists and repaired watches (1711–27). Suffered a stroke in Poland while travelling back to Germany and returned to St Petersburg (1727). Died in St Petersburg (1733 or 1737).

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