Yemelian Korneyev

Born: 1780, Khorol (Poltava Province)
Died: 1839, Moscow

Draughtsman, painter, engraver. Born in the family of Mikhail Korneyev Khorol in Poltava Province (1780?). Studied engraving and history painting under Grigory Ugryumov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1788–1800). Awarded a minor silver medal (1795), major silver medal (1799), minor gold medal (1799) and a major gold medal (1800). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1800–01). Accompanied Count Georg Magnus Sprengtporten across Russia (1802–04) and Turkey and Greece (1804). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1807), academician (1807). Painted icons for the iconostasis of the Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg (1807–10). Made an album of engravings Les peoples de la Russie published in Paris (1812). Accompanied Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on his round-the-world trip (1819–22). Died in Moscow (1839).

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