Georg Johann Heytmann

Born: 1800, Wesenberg (Estonia)
Died: 1829, St Petersburg

Estonian engraver, illustrator, painter. Born in the family of a Swedish stonemason in the town of Wesenberg (now Rakvere) in Estonia (1800). Moved to St Petersburg and enrolled at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1811), where he studied engraving under Nikolai Utkin (1817–19) and history painting (1819–20). Worked in the studio of Thomas Wright, where he lithographed portraits of Russian generals after the paintings of George Dawe (1822–27). Engraved portraits of Alexander Pushkin (1822), Russian ballerina Ekaterina Teleshova (1825), Alexander Warnek (1827) and Empress Maria Fyodorovna (1829). Drowned in the River Neva in St Petersburg (1829).

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