Vladimir Arkharov-Fredynsky

Born: 1937, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, restorer. Born in the family of Yevgeny Arkharov in Moscow (1937). Studied at the Faculty of Graphic Art of Moscow Pedagogical Institute (1956–61). Travelled widely across Russia as a student, studying peasant art, Christian art, folk creativity and traditional architecture (1950s–60s). Influenced by folklore traditions, leading to the creation of his own unique style, which the artist described as “Enlightened Naïve”. Member of the Union of Artists (1971) and the International Art Foundation. Created five main thematic cycles of painting and graphic art – Gold-Topped Moscow, Summer of God, Monasteries of Russia, Yuletide and Fairytales (1980s–90s). Restored icons and frescoes in churches. Contributed to exhibitions, including Fairytales in Russia at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2000) and The Image of the Icon: Quests of Modern Artists at the ROSIZO Museum and Exhibition Complex in Moscow (2013).

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