Vladimir Moshkov

Born: 1792, Moscow
Died: 1839, Astrakhan

Painter, draughtsman, lithographer. Born in Moscow to a merchant called Ivan Moshkov (1792). Studied battle painting under Mikhail Ivanov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1801–12). Awarded a minor silver medal (1809), major silver medal (1810), minor gold medal (1811) and a major gold medal and the title of class artist (1812). Academician (1815). Travelled to the Caucasus (1816) and accompanied the Russian diplomatic mission to Persia (1817–18). Sketched battle scenes during the Russo-Persian War (1826–28) and the Russo-Turkish War (1828–29). Lithographed many of his own battle paintings (1830s), which were also lithographed by French artists in Paris and published as Battles of the Glorious Campaign of Count Paskiewicz of Erivan in Asia Minor in 182829 in St Petersburg (1837). Worked for the customs service in Astrakhan, where he died at the age of forty-six (1839).

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