Vasily Semyonov

Vasily Semyonov (c. 1825–1896), Russian industrialist. Hallmark: ВС or СЕМЕНОВЪ. Founded a silverware factory in Moscow, which collaborated with Pavel Ovchinnikov and specialised in niello engravings of famous sights.
Born: first half of 19th century
Died: 1896, Moscow

Industrialist. Hallmark: ?? or ????????. Born in the family of Semyon Semyonov (first half of 19th century). Lived and worked in Moscow, where he founded a silverware factory (1852), which employed forty people (1873). Collaborated with Pavel Ovchinnikov and specialised in souvenirs with niello engravings of famous landmarks in Moscow (second half of 19th century). Died in Moscow (1896), where his work was continued by his daughter Maria (1896–1917), who employed a hundred people (1905). Contributed to exhibitions, including the Pan-Russian Manufacturing Exhibition at Solyanoi Gorodok in St Petersburg (1870, silver medal), Russian Silver of the 18th–20th Centuries from the Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums at the Samara Regional Museum of Art in Samara (2007–08), World of Fabergé at the Shanghai Museum in Shanghai (2012–13) and Fabergé: Legacy of Imperial Russia at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Hong Kong (2013).

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