Lavr Plakhov

Born: 1810
Died: 1881, St Petersburg

Painter, lithographer, photographer. Studied lithography under Carl Joachim Beggrow and painting under Alexei Venetsianov (from 1829) and Maxim Vorobyov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1832–36). Awarded the title of first-class artist (1836). Studied under Eduard Karl Pistorius in Berlin and Adolph Schroedter in Düsseldorf (1836–42). Returned to Russia (1842), where he painted scenes from peasant life in Tver Province (mid-1840s). Abandoned painting and took up photography (late 1840s), publishing twenty daguerreotypes of views of Svyatogor (1851). Travelled widely around Russia. Lived in Vilna, Minsk and Kharkiv and died in poverty in St Petersburg (1881).

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