Ivan Gubkin

Ivan Gubkin (c. 1800–1867), Russian merchant, industrialist. Hallmark: ГУБКИНЪ. Founded a silverware factory in Moscow, which made works in the Second Rococo style and was awarded the title of court purveyor.
Born: early 19th century
Died: 1867, Moscow

Merchant, industrialist. Hallmark: ???????. Born in the family of Semyon Gubkin (early 19th century). Founded a silverware factory in Moscow (1841). Created works in the Second Rococo style and collaborated with many artists and designers, including ornamental expert Ivan Bornikov (from 1852). Awarded the title of court purveyor (1855) and employed a hundred craftsmen (1863). Died in Moscow (1867), where his work was continued by his sons Sergei and Dmitry (1870s–80s). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1861). Contributed to the XII Pan-Russian Manufacturing Exhibition in St Petersburg (1861), International Exhibition in London (1862), Pan-Russian Manufacturing Exhibition in Moscow (1865), Golden Treasure Trove of the Russian Museum at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1998), Golden Age of Russian Jewellery Art at the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Complex of History, Architecture and Art in Vladimir (2010–11) and Treasures of the Czars in the Moscow Kremlin Museums at Oca in the Parque do Ibirapuera in Sâo Paolo (2005).

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