Pimen Orlov

Born: 1812, Malo-Foschevaty (Voronezh Province)
Died: 1863, Rome

Painter, draughtsman. Born in the family of a miller called Nikita Orlov on the farmstead of Malo-Foschevaty in the centre of Voronezh Province (1812). Studied under Karl Brullov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1834–37). Awarded a first-class silver medal and the title of free artist (1837). Travelled with the support of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists to Italy (1841), where he worked in Rome, Naples and Palermo. Awarded an Academy prize “for love of art and considerable successes” (1842) and a state grant for several years (1848). Academician of portrait painting for several pictures sent to Russia from Italy (1857). Died in Rome and buried at the Cimitero degli Inglesi (1863). Contributed to exhibitions, including Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1999).

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