Biographies Russian Artists 19th Century Mid-19th Century Yevstafy Bernardsky (Bernadsky)

Yevstafy Bernardsky (Bernadsky)

Born: 1819
Died: 1889, St Petersburg

Engraver, draughtsman, teacher. Studied under Baron Konstantin Clodt von Jürgensburg at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1838–43), graduating with the title of teacher of drawing (1843). Contributed works to the Art Gazette (1841), The Physiology of St Petersburg (1845), Petersburg Collection (1846) and Illustration (1847–48). Engraved woodcuts for Count Vladimir Sollogub’s novelette The Tarantas: Travelling Impressions of Young Russia after the drawings of Prince Grigory Gagarin (1845) and for Ivan Turgenev’s poem The Landowner (1846) and Nikolai Gogol’s novel Dead Souls after the drawings of Alexander Agin (1846–47). Arrested and imprisoned for two and a half months for belonging to the Petrashevsky Circle (1849). Abandoned drawing (1850s) and opened a school of engraving (1863). Died in St Petersburg (1889).

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