Solomon Nikritin

Born: 1898, Chernihiv (Ukraine)
Died: 1965, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, writer on art, teacher. Born in the family of an entrepreneur called Boris Nikritin in the town of Chernihiv in the northern Ukraine (1898). Studied at the Kiev School of Art (1909–14), Alexandra Exter’s school of art (1917–20) and the State Free Art Studios/VKhUTEMAS in Moscow (1920–22). Founded the Electroorganism group. Member of Method (1923), Society of Easel Artists (1926–30), Fine Art Brigade (1931) and the Association of New Architects. Chairman of the academic-artistic council of the Museum of Painterly Culture (1922). Taught at a studio of painting in Kiev (1917–20), technical college of art and industry in Ryazan (1929–30) and the Krasnaya Presnya Art Courses in Moscow (1920–30). Principal artist of the Polytechnic Museum (1930s), designer of the All-Union Exhibition of Agriculture (1936–41). Died in Moscow (1965). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1916), representing the Projectionists at the First Discoursive Exhibition of Unifications of Active Revolutionary Art (1924).

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