Josif Shkolnik

Born: 1883, Balta (Kherson Province)
Died: 1926, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, teacher. Studied at the Odessa School of Art (1898–1905) and under Jan Ciagli?skj at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1905–07). Member of Nikolai Kulbin’s Triangle group (1908–09). Founding member of the Union of Youth (1910). Travelled across northern Europe (1911–13). Contributed lithographs to the Union of Youth miscellany (1913). Collaborated with Pavel Filonov on the sets and costumes for Vladimir Mayakovsky: A Tragedy and with Kazimir Malevich on the sets and costumes for the Futurist opera Victory Over the Sun at the Luna Park Theatre in St Petersburg (1913). Worked as a designer at the Trinity Theatre (1913–17) and the Maly Theatre (1918–19). Deputy director for academic research at the Decorative Institute (1918–26) and head of the decoration class at the State Free Art Studios in Petrograd (1919–20). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1908). Contributed to the exhibitions of Modern Trends in Art (1908), Triangle-Impressionists (1909), Union of Youth (1910–14), Exhibition of Pictures of Left-Wing Tendencies (1915), Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by Jewish Artists (1918), First State Free Exhibition of Works of Art (1919) and Die erste russische Kunstausstellung in Berlin (1922).

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