Ivan Larionov

Born: 1884, Tiraspole (Kherson Province)
Died: 1920, Gryazi (Lipetsk Region)

Painter, graphic artist. Younger brother of Mikhail Larionov. Born in the family of Fyodor Larionov and Alexandra Petrovskaya in the town of Tiraspole in Kherson Province (1884). Grew up at his grandparents’ home in Tiraspole (late 1880s–early 1890s) and moved with his parents to Moscow (1895). Studied at Nautical College in Arkhangelsk (1900–05) and served in the Russian Navy (1900–12), visiting Greenland, North America and Cuba. Fought in the Russo-Japanese War (1905). Took up painting under his brother’s influence (late 1890s), working in a Primitive or Naïve style (1900s). Member of Donkey’s Tail (1912). Contributed three lithographs to a series of picture postcards published by Alexei Kruchenykh in Moscow (1912) and Portrait of an Unknown Man in a Blue Shirt (late 1890s or early 1900s) to the Donkey's Tail and Target miscellany (1913). Signed the Rayonists and Futurists manifesto (1913). Volunteered to fight in the First World War (1914), wounded and awarded the St George Cross. Captured by the Germans (1915–17). Returned to Russia (1918). Died of typhus in the town of Gryazi in Lipetsk Region (1920), where he was serving in a medical unit during the Civil War. Contributed to the exhibitions of the Vladimir Izdebsky Salons (1909–10, 1911), Union of Youth (1910), Donkey’s Tail (1912) and Target (1913).

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