Alexandre Alexeieff

Born: 1901, Kazan
Died: 1982, Paris

Graphic artist, theatre and film artist, theorist of animated film. Born in Kazan in the family of Alexei Alexeyev (1901). Studied at the School of Arts in Ufa (1918–19), under Sergei Sudeikin in Paris (1921) and at the Académie de la Grande-Chaumière (1922–25). Lived in Paris (from 1921), where he worked as a set designer and performer in Parisian theatres, including work with Georges Pitoëff and Sergei Diaghilev (1922–25). Worked as a book illustrator (from 1925) and as a film and commercial film animator (from 1933). Lived in the United States (1940–46), before returning to France (1946). Shot films, wrote a series of theoretical articles and illustrated classic Russian literature. Member of the French Film Academy. Died in Paris (1982). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1927). Contributed to Seven Illustrators (1927), joint exhibition with Alexei Brodovitch (Paris, 1928), The Dream in Art and Literature (Paris, 1939), exhibition in Russian art in Brussels (1928), Venice Biennale (1920, 1952 – honorary diploma, 1954 – honorary diploma) and one-man shows in Paris (1929, 1991) and Annesy (1975, 1984).

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